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Hängende Regale / 2er-Set Große Regale / Schwimmende Regale / Schaukelregale


\ Handmade in Los Angeles, CA // Angebot gilt für 2 hängende Regale Diese hängenden Holzregale sind genau das, was Sie brauchen, wenn Sie den perfekten Hauch von Minimalismus und natürlichem rustikalem Dekor suchen. Diese Regale sind in jeder Holzoptik und Farbe für Ihr Zuhause anpassbar. Mit Kordel oder Seil aufgehängt, haben sie einen einzigartigen, rustikalen und doch modernen Charme. Mit der einstellbaren Kordelfunktion können Sie in der gewünschten Höhe aufhängen und ausrichten. Mit nur einem Nagel oder Haken können Sie loslegen! Hängen Sie Ihre …

Gardening Magazines At Their Finest

Various gardening magazines are available in the market. But would you like to know which stands out from the rest? Here are some gardening magazines that feature various information for anyone in love with his or her garden.

COUNTRY GARDENS presents readers the eventful experiences of gardeners with their extraordinary gardens. It introduces wonderful new ways to enjoy garden sights and scents. It helps one to create an eye-pleasing, fragrance – filled country garden.

Country Gardens has very useful advice on setting up and caring for your garden. Every issue contains profiles of fascinating people and their gardens, inspiration for gardens and detailed garden plans. Best of all, it’s a trusted source of information that’s so easy to digest. Every season carries a vast harvest of ideas to delight, motivate and guide any gardener.

How about a gardening magazine for those who wants to become a better gardener? FINE GARDENING MAGAZINE from The Taunton Press brings you amazing design ideas, beneficial techniques, and the know-how to get the best results from your gardening endeavors.

In each issue you’ll find eye-opening bits of advice from the experts, detailed information on all types of plants, effective techniques and time-saving tips, straightforward tool reviews from editors and readers and planting suggestions for specific regions.

But if one is looking for more intensive information on how to maintain a garden that is packed with style and color, then you’ll want to read GARDEN DESIGN. This gardening magazine brings out eye-popping photos, illustrations and useful recommendations on how to create a picture-perfect garden. It is written and designed for those who are passionate about their homes and gardens. Garden Design is more than just a dig-in-the-dirt gardening magazine, mainly; it’s for people who enjoy bringing in more aesthetic value for their homes through their gardens.

Garden Design encourages you to create stylish outdoor living spaces and rare gardens through cultivating rare breeds of plants and with updates on the best tools and techniques. It contains magnificent photographs and articles that capture the imaginations of gardeners everywhere.

For passionate gardeners, HOLTICULTURE MAGAZINE is their ultimate guide to gardening. It has been the authoritative voice of gardeners. It dwells on rejoicing from the simple pleasures of growing plants and creating gardens. Horticulture serves as an essential guide and trusted friend, a main resource for avid gardeners from every corner of the country.

These magazines aim to instruct, inform, and inspire serious home gardeners. There are gardening magazines for beginners and expert gardeners. Discover or develop your green thumb with their latest gardening techniques and garden design information.

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